Convention in Portland. 15 new clubs had joined the ranks of NARC, making a total of 31 Clubs. Many others were organized and "doing" business as those in the United Kingdom were. By Rotary's 25th anniversary, Rotary had spread rapidly across the Atlantic to Ireland, Great Britain and Western Europe. Six years after Chicago lawyer Paul Harris had formed the first Rotary club in 1905, clubs were organized in Dublin and Belfast in Ireland, and London and Manchester in England. These were followed in 1912 by clubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Harry Lauder was one among many Britons who embraced Rotary in those early days. As one of the world's most popular entertainers through the first half of the century, Lauder joined the Rotary Club of Glasgow in 1914. A year later he wrote, "Rotary is going to be the greatest and grandest cooperative institution ever founded".