Benefits of being a Rotarian


One of Rotary's founding principles was "Fellowship" and it is still remains a major attraction of each Club.

Professional Networking

Rotarians represent a wide cross section of the local community and members include business owners, executives, managers, professional and retired people who make or have the experience of making decisions and influencing policy in their individual fields of expertise.


Social activities within each Club give Rotarians a chance to have fun.

EQUALITY in Action

Each Club's membership represents a cross-section of the local community and is open to men and women within an apolitical, non-religious environment

Leadership Development

Team building, fundraising,public speaking, planning, organisation, and communication are just some examples of the leadership skills that Club members can exercise, learn and enhance.

International Awareness

Rotarians gain an understanding of humanitarian issues through international projects and exchange programmes.

Service Opportunities

Rotarians have many opportunities to join together in humanitarian service.

Good Citizenship

The Rotary programme of weekly meetings help to keep members informed about what is taking place in the community, district, nation and world and so keep members motivated to 'make a difference'.