Our President 2018/19

Our President this year is Dr Stuart Robertson and below he considers the forthcoming year for the Club and for Rotary as an organisation:

Rotary faces many challenges as we approach the 2020's with a slowly dwindling and elderley membership - a problem equally shared across other community based voluntary organisations in the UK.  Rotary Clubs are getting smaller by the year and in some cases are having to merge with other local clubs to survive, or alternatively simply close altogether.

As of July 2018, Langley Park Rotary Club has a healthy membership of circa 50 members. However, we will face problems in coming years if we are not proactive in recruiting.

Membership of Rotary has traditionally been of two types, namely Active and Honorary. But in the last five years there has been a growing realisation that we need to create more flexibility in membership.  So Clubs can now offer additional types, such as offering Associate, Corporate and Family memberships, as long as Clubs report these individuals as active members.  Equally, Clubs are now looking at setting up "Satellite Clubs" with the aim of attracting younger members into a more flexible organisation in terms of how often they meet, when and where they meet, and for how long.

In line with these new membership options Langley Park Rotary Club will be looking at a range of refreshed options for new members in Langley Park.

As a Club we support a number of local charities and it is always very pleasing when we are able to give donations to a wide range of great causes.

In 2018/19 we will continue to be active in fund raising activities and continually looking at expanding our events. The "Langley Park Charity Beer Festival" that we will be holding on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September will be our third yearly event and last year the event raised over £10,000 for Charities.  Apart from the Beer Festival there are a number of other events that we run through the year.

My own experience of Langley Park Rotary Club - where I have been a member for last 4 years - is that it is friendly and caring club that commits itself to 'Service above Self', although there is of course, much work to be done at events, we manage to enjoy ourselves at our fund raising events and at the same time have a chance to promote Rotary in a positive way.

If you would like to know more about Rotary in Langley Park and how to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact me directly through our contact page, available here

Stuart Robertson