What do all the Acronyms mean in rotary?

There are lots of Acronyms used in Rotary, here are a list of some of the more commonly used ones and their meanings (in alphabetic order):

AGAssistant Governor (also known as Assistant District Governor)
CALMEDCollaborative Action in Lowering Maternity Encountered Death
CLPClub Leadership Plan
COLCouncil on Legislation
DCMDistrict Council Meeting
DDFDistrict Designated Funds (to do with Foundation)
DGDistrict Governor
DGEDistrict Governor Elect (the next DG)
DGNDistrict Governor Nominee (the next DGE
DOTSDistrict Officer Training Seminar
DRFCDistrict Rotary Foundation Committee
DSGDistrict Simplified Grant
GETSGovernor Elect Training
GSEGroup Study Exchange
IPDGImmediate Past District Governor
MDRMembership Development & Retention
MOPManual of Procedure
MPRCMarketing and Public Relations Committee 
ORDSOnline Rotary Dining Steward
PPresident (Club)
PDGPast District Governor
PEPresident Elect (Club)
PETSPresident Elect Training Seminar 
PHFPaul Harris Fellow 
PIPublic Image
Polio PlusThe programme of The Rotary Foundation to immunize the children of the world against poliomyelitis
PPPast President (Club)
PRIDPast Rotary International Director
PRIPPast Rotary International President
PRITPast Rotary International Treasurer
PRLSPotential Rotary Leader Seminar
RCRotary Club
RCLPRotary Club of Langley Park
RDSRotary Dining Steward
RIRotary International 
RGBIRotary Great Britain & Ireland
RIDRotary International Director
RIPRotary International President
RIPERotary International President Elect
RIPNRotary International President Nominee
RIPPRRotary International President's Personal Representative
RIBIRotary International Britain and Ireland 
RYERotary Youth Exchange
RYLARotary Youth Leadership Award
SMTSenior Management Team
TORTerms of Reference
TRFThe Rotary Foundation
VTTVocational Training Team
VPVice President
YAAGYear At A Glance
YEPYouth Exchange Programme
YIRYours in Rotary
3H GrantHealth, Hunger and Humanity Grant