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Rotary generally

What do all the Acronyms mean in rotary?

There are lots of Acronyms used in Rotary, here are a list of some of the more commonly used ones and their meanings (in alphabetic order):

AGAssistant Governor (also known as Assistant District Governor)
CALMEDCollaborative Action in Lowering Maternity Encountered Death
CLPClub Leadership Plan
COLCouncil on Legislation
DCMDistrict Council Meeting
DDFDistrict Designated Funds (to do with Foundation)
DGDistrict Governor
DGEDistrict Governor Elect (the next DG)
DGNDistrict Governor Nominee (the next DGE
DOTSDistrict Officer Training Seminar
DRFCDistrict Rotary Foundation Committee
DSGDistrict Simplified Grant
GETSGovernor Elect Training
GSEGroup Study Exchange
IPDGImmediate Past District Governor
MDRMembership Development & Retention
MOPManual of Procedure
MPRCMarketing and Public Relations Committee 
ORDSOnline Rotary Dining Steward
PPresident (Club)
PDGPast District Governor
PEPresident Elect (Club)
PETSPresident Elect Training Seminar 
PHFPaul Harris Fellow 
PIPublic Image
Polio PlusThe programme of The Rotary Foundation to immunize the children of the world against poliomyelitis
PPPast President (Club)
PRIDPast Rotary International Director
PRIPPast Rotary International President
PRITPast Rotary International Treasurer
PRLSPotential Rotary Leader Seminar
RCRotary Club
RCLPRotary Club of Langley Park
RDSRotary Dining Steward
RIRotary International 
RGBIRotary Great Britain & Ireland
RIDRotary International Director
RIPRotary International President
RIPERotary International President Elect
RIPNRotary International President Nominee
RIPPRRotary International President's Personal Representative
RIBIRotary International Britain and Ireland 
RYERotary Youth Exchange
RYLARotary Youth Leadership Award
SMTSenior Management Team
TORTerms of Reference
TRFThe Rotary Foundation
VTTVocational Training Team
VPVice President
YAAGYear At A Glance
YEPYouth Exchange Programme
YIRYours in Rotary
3H GrantHealth, Hunger and Humanity Grant


Why would you consider joining Rotary?
  • Are you the sort of person who wants to give something back to the community, but not sure how to do so?
  • Do you want to enjoy life, but at the same time feel a sense of purpose?
  • Are you looking for a more fulfilling way of serving the community on a voluntary basis?
  • Are you looking a fresh goal in life – a new sense of achievement?

If the answer to any of those questions is “Yes” then maybe being a member of Rotary will help you with your ambitions.

Whether it’s helping a local good cause or project in your local area, a wider national campaign, or even having the opportunity to venture overseas and take part in Rotary’s international programmes like “End Polio Now” – the scope is endless.  With our ride range of activities your involvement is entirely up to you.  Whatever you do, we know that being a Rotarian will be a rewarding experience.

That’s why you should consider becoming a member of Rotary!

But don’t just take our word for it.  Come along to one of our club meetings. They take place at breakfast, lunch or in the evening throughout the South East and see for yourself!

When you attend a meeting, you’ll meet a whole group of like minded men and women with a dedication and purpose  to have fun and serve people less fortunate than them.

We’re looking for people like you - men and women who want to connect with other leaders in the community to use their distinct expertise for good and whose sense of responsibility inspires them to give back to their communities.

With Rotary, whilst socialising and having fun with like minded friends, you’ll also help change your Community and potentially change the World too!


Interested? Want to know more?  Go on then Register your interest here now!


Join Rotary  "It's the Best Decision You'll Ever Make!"


What Rotary Magazines are available free for Members?

There are three Rotary magazines available to members.  They are:-

  • The Rotarian - from Rotary International;
  • Rotary - (formerly Rotary Today) from Rotary Great Britain & Ireland; and
  • RSE - from Rotary South East

All are colour magazines available in print or available to download

Website Use

How do I reset my Club Website Password?
  1. Click on the following link which should open in another tab of your Browser: 
  2. Type your registered Name or registered password in the "Username or e-mail address" box
    and then click on the button that says "E-Mail new password"
  3. Check your e-mail for further instructions
Why do the range of Menu options change when I login to the Club website?

The web site adjusts itself to different audiences: Members of the public do not have user accounts and cannot log in, so they see menus designed for non-Rotarians. All Members of the Club have user accounts, so have different menus when they log in giving them access to a wealth of information about the functioning of the Club that would not be of interest to the general public. This structure also serves to protect confidential services such as mass emailing of Club Members for Officers and access for members to ORDS.

How do I change my personal details, meal preferences. etc?

First of all login to the website as a member and then CLICK ON the "My account" link that you will find in the top righthand corner of the screen header above the Menu Bar on each webpage as a member that you visit. After clicking on this link your User Summary page will display, please CLICK on the 'edit' tab at the top of your Summary page to display your editable Profile details, change your email address and click on the 'Save' button down at the bottom of the page.

Please note: when you click on the SAVE button you may also be asked to re-enter your existing or new password in confirmation of the change.

You may also change any other editable data that is displayed in your Profile e.g. Your Address or telephone numbers, etc and also UPLOAD a profile picture using this screen

How do I Upload a picture into my Profile?

First of all login to the website as a member and then CLICK ON the "My account" link that you will find in the top righthand corner of Header on each webpage as a member that you visit.

After your User Summary page displays, please CLICK on the tab at the top of your Summary page to display your editable Profile details; then scroll down to the box that is Titled "Picture" - here you can use the "Browse" button to locate a suitable (head and shoulders) picture of yourself, once you have found the picture you wish to use, selct it and exit the File Browser by clicking on the picture the file and then clickin on the "Select Image" or "OK" button to return to your Profile. Please note that the file will not yet show because you have not yet uploaded it to the website.

To upload your chosen picture, simply scroll down to the bottom of the Profile details page and click on the SAVE button. Once successfully uploaded the selected picture will be displayed at the top of the "Picture" box.

PLEASE NOTE: that your chosen picture should be of a JPG type and should not exceed 820K in size before upload. If your picture size exceeds 820K in size the upload will fail without warning - i.e. it will simply not work. If this happens please either re-size the picture or choose a smaller one.

If you have problems uploading a picture, please feel free to email a picture file to me suitably named with your fist and last names and I will happily resize and upload the picture for you. Please send your picture file to

Why do edits I make to the site take an hour or so to show up?

In order to improve the performance of the website, content is cached on the website server, and as part of this process the content of the cache is only flushed and updated after 30 - 60 minutes after edits have been saved, although you will see the edited content immediately.  This is completely normal and you should not be concerned that content does not show up immediately.  Check the website after about an hour and you will find that the caches have been updated and your edited content it will be there for visitors to see.